Cookham Neighbourhood Plan
1. An opportunity to save habitats and help wildlife

Climate change is a reality for all of us and in Cookham we are not immune from the changes to the environment. We are experiencing the effects of the decline in species driven by the loss of local habitats. Degrading landscapes and loss of biodiversity not only negatively affects wildlife but also human health and wellbeing.  


The Cookham Neighbourhood Plan offers everyone in the parish the chance to have a say in how they want their villages to develop. It is one of the most important things the Parish Council is currently doing and kicked off in summer 2020 and aim to be completed by April 2022.


We are now in the initial consultation phase and which will run until end of April. It will include for example plans for schools and traffic management, but most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to tackle climate emergency in Cookham. Further, we need to identify and protect Cookham habitats which are important for wildlife.

2. WildCookham’s contribution


Together with other community groups, WildCookham is part of the Cookham Neighbourhood Working Party along with Parish Councillors. We take guidance from the declared Climate Emergency by the RBWM and hope to define guiding policies that would benefit Wildlife in Cookham for years to come.


Here are the areas we have identified so far which will need to be addressed in the plan:

  • Biodiversity

  • Protected green space

  • Green corridors

  • Trees

  • Gardens

  • Flooding

  • Gaps between villages

  • Light pollution


Other topics that have been discussed are sustainability and renewable energy.


How you can help

The initial consultation has been completed but there will be further opportunities to comment.  And, if you have urgent views to express, there's nothing to stop you writing to the  Council via its website.