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Building a local community committed to protecting our natural world is essential and there are lots of ways we can use your creative, administrative and other skills. Here are a few of these. Contact to find out more about any of them. The links at the bottom take you to more great ideas to get involved and make a difference.

Help with our big 2023 Festival

Next June sees an exciting festival of art in Cookham, the biggest public event yet staged by WildCookham. The theme is in the name: Our Changing Earth. It’s about how we see the way we are impacting our planet and respond to the challenges this presents. There’ll be art exhibits, workshops, outside activities – all at the Odney Club in Cookham village. See more about Changing the Earth here. If you are an artist, if you have creative ideas or if you’d like to help in some aspect of this weekend event on 9th/10th June, contact to find out more.

Let’s communicate!

Awareness of our work and the opportunities to help is a basic building block for us. Telling our local community people about our projects and ambitions, explaining why it’s so important and showing how we can all help is key to getting everyone involved and we always need help with this – keeping people informed about our projects, maintaining our website, helping with our events – as well as creating the strategies and plans behind it all. If you have special skills all the better, but a simple passion to make a difference is a good starting point. Contact to find out more.

Join Cookham’s nature community

Here’s one that requires no effort. With just short of 1000 members on WildCookham’s Facebook page, we have an amazing community sharing their experiences, photos and questions. We reckon it’s the world’s friendliest Facebook group: join us and find out. It’s a great way to learn, share and get involved. We have great locally-shot photos and videos, people their sharing wildlife discoveries in their gardens or on local walks and a regular selection of ‘What’s this?’ question seeking help from our experts. And it’s just a click away. And add your name to our Mailchimp email address list (a simple form at the bottom of our website home page – - and get news of our events by registering at

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