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We’re celebrating Ratty’s Return

Join us on Thursday 3rd November to celebrate the return of water voles to Cookham’s waterways. The WildCookham project undertaken over the past three years has

resulted in some 250 of these delightful and much threatened species being re-introduced to streams around Cookham with the aim of encouraging them to take up residence and breed here. At a public meeting at the Odney Club we’ll be telling the story behind the project, bringing you up to date and looking to the future both for this project and for other similar projects relying on habitat restoration locally.

It’s also an opportunity to hear about the great work our volunteers have been doing and to find out more about how local people can help in our work. Come at 7pm for a drink and chat ahead of the meeting which will start at 7.30pm. You can register for the meeting on our Meetup site (

Autumn walks

We’ll be enjoying some of our Autumn wildlife during October. Brian Clews will have one of his ever popular ‘What’s About’ walks on Saturday 8th October and Andrew Padmore will be revealing the wonders of our fungi on a walk the next day, Sunday 9th October. Numbers are limited for both walks. All details at

Help us help nature to recover

WildCookham’s work is all about helping nature’s recovery in our area by creating better habitats for the natural world - and we can all play our part. Anyone with a garden, or a window box, can do their bit (see all the information about what you can do on our website – Beyond that, on a larger scale, we’re working with the National Trust and other organisations to get more biodiversity into our landscape and we need your help. No special skills are needed: just a concern for the natural world on which we all depend. Get in touch with us at or talk to us at one of our events.

Join the 900 WildCookham supporters on Facebook and keep in touch via, and

Cookham Parish Magazine - October 2022

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