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Let's Get Started!

Let’s Get Started! is for those just setting out on the wild gardening journey. It’seasy and you can make a difference in so many ways.  Take a look at our short YouTube video which sets the scene and offers some handy hints.

Even if you only have courtyard garden or a balcony you can still help wildlife and encourage birds, bees and butterflies to thrive by providing them with food, water and shelter and managing your space sensitively. You can:

  • Grow a variety of herbs (marjoram, rosemary and thyme) in a tub or window box

  • Put up a small insect or bee hotel

  • Put out water for the birds and insects

  • Use only peat free compost


If you are doing just these four things (one in each of the four different categories of food, shelter, water and management) you are ready to enter for a Wild About Gardens Award!

Click here for details of the Wildlife Gardens Awards. 

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