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Your own Garden!

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Around 10 per cent of all land in the Cookham area is domestic gardens, offering exceptional opportunities to encourage residents to do their bit for our wildlife.

We are keen to encourage residents to take a real interest in the wildlife in their gardens and taking simple steps to ensure that they have food, water, protection, nesting and breeding locations and easy movement throughout our community.

WildCookham launched the Wildlife Gardens Awards in 2018.  These encourage all residents to create a wildlife friendly garden and it has now been adopted across the Borough, with the active involvement of all of the local ‘Wild’ groups.  . More than 100 Cookham gardens are already in the scheme with the aim of increasing this significantly.  A simple checklist forms part of the scheme, helping people to identify the key features they can introduce.  And our video below highlights what can be done to support wildlife in your garden. 

Our guide to garden birds will help you identify regular visitors. WildCookham teams up with the Bisham Nest Box Group who produce a range of boxes to suit different species: they also run ‘Build Your Own Nestbox’ sessions promoted by WildCookham.

WildCookham’s first Big Wildlife Weekend in June 2024 encourages all residents to spend a little time looking at the wildlife in their garden and report on this, providing us with a valuable set of data so we can compare Cookham’s wildlife year by year.  We also support the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

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Celebrate your wild garden success with a Wildlife Garden Award

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