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About WildCookham


Life on our planet is under extreme threat. Cookham people can and should take action to address this locally, both as individuals and as a community.  WildCookham helps make this happen.


Why WildCookham?


We know that the environmental challenges facing us can only be fully solved through international cooperation, but we believe that people and communities must take action locally if real and lasting change is to be achieved.


Our goal is to make Cookham a community that both takes action and encourages personal commitment to address these great challenges.  WildCookham champions local environmental issues, biodiversity and wildlife protection.  We get involved in practical ways and provide opportunities for everyone to play their part.  We use our knowledge, our local commitment and our energy to show that all life matters.  And we have the strength that comes from being a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission: charity number 1193867.



How can you get involved?


·       Come to our regular talks, walks and other events to learn about our local wildlife and wild habitats and about broader                       environmental issues

·       Bring your expertise to help develop our combined knowledge and experience

·       Attend our workshops to develop more advanced local skills and knowledge

·       Raise awareness of local environmental issues and engage with us to help address 

·       Join our teams surveying our local habitats to establish the sound data and arguments to underpin our case

·       Help manage one of our local reserves or work on one of our growing number of projects across Cookham

·       Make your own garden a little wilder through our annual Wild About Gardens Awards

·       Share your wildlife experiences via our Facebook page and this website

·       Help us to manage our growing range of activities and local relationships

Who is supporting us?





The Team

Founder: Cindy Barnes

We have a committee and volunteer leaders who are running specialist projects.

The Committee

Lars Ahlgren                   Projects

Brian Clews                     Talks and Walks

Mike Copland                 Chair and Other Groups Liaison

Ann Greenwood            Membership

Andrew Padmore          Talks and Walks

Lynne Peperell               Events Management

Charlotte Serpell            Meetup / Publicity

Lou Young                       Track Camera

Volunteer leaders

Rob Acker                        Hedgerow survey

Lars Ahlgren                    Veteran trees

Pam Campin                   Wild About Gardens

Mike Day                          Harris Woodbridge Reserve

Graham Pockett              Holy Trinity Church Paddock

John Southgate               Wilding the Commons

Derek and Gwen Tyler   Pond survey

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