About WildCookham


WildCookham is a community group focused on discovering, celebrating and supporting biodiversity in Cookham, Berkshire, UK. 


Who are we?
Local people across Cookham who care about our local wildlife, sharing our passion and knowledge in a practical and engaging way.

What is our vision?
To make our community in Cookham a champion for the crucial role that biodiversity plays in our lives and to make a practical difference within our local environment.  To ensure that this happen we will work with our colleagues at Wild Maidenhead to gain adoption of a Biodiversity Action Plan across the borough.  Linked to this we will gain adoption, by the Parish Council and the borough planners, of a Cookham plan for wildlife and nature that stands alongside, and has equal status to, the Village Design Statement.

What are we doing?

 Stimulating people to take an interest in and be more aware of our wildlife through a programme of talks, walks and other events

 Building on these events to develop more advanced local skills and knowledge to create a core of people to assist in local field studies and assessments

 Surveying our local habitats to establish sound data and arguments as the basis for discussion and action

 Encouraging individual residents to do their bit.  For example, through the Wild About Gardens Awards and the nestbox scheme

 Working with local landowners to find ways to work together and build on actions they take

 Celebrating our achievements to ensure that more people get involved – through our website, Meetup group, Facebook activity and our newsletter 

Who is supporting us?






The Team


We have a committee and volunteer leaders who are running specialist projects.

The Committee

Cindy Barnes

Brian Clews

Mike Copland - chair

Andrew Padmore

Stephanie Papillon - finance

Lynne Peperell - events

Charlotte Serpell - press

Lou Young - social media

Volunteer leaders

Rob Acker - hedgerow survey

Derek and Gwen Tyler - pond survey

Lars Ahlgren - veteran trees

Vicci-Lee Pearson - schools liason

Mike Day - Harris Woodbridge Reserve


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