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So many ways to get involved

WildCookham is involved in a wide range of projects - from active habitat management to large-scale habitat planning and environmental improvement.  We list some of these projects below. Contact us about any of these  or to discuss how else you can lend your support.

Wilding the Commons

Bringing greater plant diversity to our local Commons, working with the National Trust

Three cheers for the Volunteers. Wilding the Commons project (Cookham Moor - 161021).jpg

Contact us to find out more at

Bringing back the Water Voles 

A multi-year project to reintroduce Water Voles to Cookham, to remove the threat from predator species and improve the habitat for voles and other species.

Water vole Terry Whittaker 2020VISION cr

Contact us to find out more at

Managing our local reserves

We care for several areas of woodland, pasture and wetland for local landowners, including the Parish Council.

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Surveying our species and habitats

We conduct surveys of specific species such as Glow worms, Damselflies, House Martins and some of our rarer plants, as well as surveys of local habitats to help guide our plans for conservation and enhancement.

Silver-washed Fritillary_edited.jpg

Contact us to find out more at

Bringing wildlife into your garden

You can sign up for our Wildlife Gardens campaign.  Find out how you can make your garden a better place for wildlife and even enter for one of our awards.  Find out more details here.

Garden image (Campin).jpg

Contact us to find out more at

Planning for the future

We work with local councils and other organisations to create the plans and activities that will ensure we have a sustainable natural world for future generations.


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Helping behind the scenes ...

Help us with all the behind the scenes activities we need to ensure WildCookham continues with its work to save and enhance the natural world in our community

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to find out more

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