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Meadows and Commons (Mick Crawley).jpg

Photo: Mick Crawley

The UK lost 97% of its wildflower meadows since the 1930s. They provide a vital source of nectar-rich flowers supporting the insects that are essential to life on our planet. We are working on several projects across Cookham, partnering with the National Trust and the John Lewis Partnership with the aim of returning the Cookham Commons to wildflower meadows. The work involves the necessary initial preparation of the meadows before seeding and then ensuring on-going management.

Three cheers for the Volunteers. Wilding the Commons project (Cookham Moor - 161021).jpg

Our volunteers have carried out projects on Hardings Green and Bigfrith Common in Cookham Dean, on Cookham Moor (all National Trust land) and on Odney Common, owned by the John Lewis Partnership.  These are already bringing back more diversity (and natural beauty) with the goal of increasing insect life leading to a recovery in the entire pyramid of life.  

These are multi-year projects in order to restore what in many cases have become over-fertilised monocultures.   Look out for the signs to show where we have been working.And if you’d like to help us contact:

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