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Quarry Wood Fungi Meeting, 10.30am, Sunday 22nd October

A lovely meeting Sunday of 21/2hrs. with 15 enthusiastic members. Fungi were in good supply, well worth postponing for 2 weeks & rain arrived in perfect time. Below is the list, by genus first in capitals:-

AMANITA: muscaria-Fly Agaric,phalloides-The Death Cap. alba & citrina-The False Death Cap variant. Rubescens-The Blusher.

LEPIOTA: procera-The Parasol.

CLITOCYBE: infundibuliformis-The Common Funnel Cap. fusipes-Spindle Shank.

LACCARIA: laccata & amethystea-The Deceiver & variant.

COLLYBIA: maculata-Spotted Tough-shank. Butyracea-Butter Cap.

HYGROCYBE: psittacina-Parrot Wax-cap.

MARASMIUS: candidus (lots of v.small white cups on dead twigs).

MYCENA: haematopus-The Bloody Mycena!

LACTARIUS: blennius-The Slimy Milk-cap. pallidus-The White Lactarius.

RUSSULA: nigricans-The Blackening Russula. cyanoxantha-The Charcoal Burner. Delica-The Milk White Russula. Mairei-The Beechwood Sickener. Ochroleuca-Common Yellow Russula.

CORTINARIUS: amoenolens.

COPRINUS: picaceus-The Magpie Cap.

PANEOLUS: rickenii.

BOLETUS: Probably rare, but badly damaged by slugs! Dark red under cap & stem, with yellow flesh!.

POLYPORE: piptoporus betulinus-The Birch Bracket.

HYDNUM: repandum-The Hedgehog or Calf’s Foot.

HELVELLA: helvella crispa-The White Helvella.

LYCOPERDON: perlatum. Pyriforme.

AGARICUS: xanthodermus:The Yellow Stainer.

HYPHOLOMA: fasciculare:The Sulphur Tuft. Sublateritium-Brick Caps.

OTIDEA: onotica-The Hare’s Ear.

CALOCERA: viscosa.

CLAVULINA: cinerea-Grey Coral Fungus.

TRICHOLOMA: sulphuream-smells of gas tar!

ARMILLARIA: mellea-The Honey Fungus.Destroys live trees & shrubs!

CORIOLUS: versicolor-The Many Zoned Polypore or Turkey Tail.

STROPHARIA: aeruginosa.

Nearly 40 species found + 6-8 not IDed in Roger Phillip’s Fungi Bible!

All these species were found at Cockmarsh NT, Marlow Common & mostly @ Quarry Wood,both WT.

Birds noted:- Nuthatch, Raven & Buzzard calling!

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