Moths recording

WildCookham encourages members to consider becoming involved in studying and recording our local wildlife.  We are starting with our garden months but expect more groups of species to be covered in the coming months.

Our team has offered to accept photographs of any moths you have found to help with identification. Please reduce picture sizes to c.150Kb and email them to, remembering to label them each, including your name.

If you are confident with what you have found and have numerous records we recommend sending them to County Recorder Martin Harvey at

For multiple records there is a preferred Excel proforma here, which has some sample entries to help you.

A recent talk on the topic by Andrew Padmore contains a host of information, trapping methods, and a range of moth types illustrated, from the 2,500 available to be found. You can look through the whole presentation here.

If you have any specific queries, please email us at