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Recording our wildlife sightings

In these days of rapid development and loss of wild places, Wildlife recording is becoming more and more important. If development threatens a location previously rich in biodiversity, and no record is available of its value to natural history, the site might be lost.

So WildCookham urges all its members and supporters to make notes of what they see, where and when, and ensure the data reaches a place that will use the information for both education and conservation purposes. These will generally be our Berkshire county recorders and the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre.

Just starting out?


The simplest way to start recording is to use one of the national databases such as iRecord

That will let you record any species you see.

There are also a number of databases dedicated to types of animal. Just click on the relevant image below to find out more

What have you seen?

Click on one of the images below to find out how you can record your sightings.

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