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Glow worms

WildCookham has undertaken very limited  anecdotal surveys of the local glow worm population for several years.  In 2021 we created a team of surveyors and identified a few locations where we we either knew of past glow worm presence or believed that the sites had potential.

We are grateful to the small team and that undertook the survey - inevitably at night - and to Jacqui Edwards who then pulled the results together and Mark Gibbon who used his skills to create the maps in the survey report which can be downloaded via this link.  The summary is that we found new locations for glow worms  and also increased numbers in and around the locations we had previously studied.

2022 plans

We plan to use the 2021 experience and report as the basis for the planning for 2022 when we envisage more surveyors and a more comprehensive survey across Cookham.  We are also looking into the possibility of moving glow worms from sites that are subject to imminent development.

If you would like to participate contact

Find out more about glow worms

You can read up on these extraordinary insects (not worms at all!) on the website for the UK national glow worm survey here.

Female glow worms in Cookham Dean

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