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Our ambitious plans

WildCookham was created in 2014.  Now ten years on, building on some great experience and success, we are looking ahead to the next ten years.  We are developing ambitious plans involving the local landscape as a whole, working and partnering with local landowners as well as the statutory and other bodies who determine the bigger landscape policies.

We are assisting with the plans to create a Local Nature Recovery Strategy for all of Berkshire, part of a national project to ensure that each county has its own nature recovery strategy, linked to the plans of neighbouring counties.  We are already participating in the creation of Cookham’s own Neighbourhood Plan, ensuring that environmental issues are covered in the plan.  Green corridors are an important part of that.  And we are advising an increasing number of local landowners on how they can best support the work to leave our natural world in a more sustainable state than we find it today.

We need people to help with all aspects of this, from the essential administration through to the long-term planning activities.  We also need to be effective in advising local councils about the impact of planning decisions so help with this is important.  And building a solid level of support across the community for our plans is also essential and we are calling on those with the appropriate skills to step forward.

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