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The project in pictures

The water voles we brought to Cookham were bred in Devon and arrive at the end of August 2021.  Local volunteers, led by professionals the Derek Gow Consultancy, then handled the transfer of the voles from their transport containers into special pens.  They then had several days to become acclimatised before finally being released.

These photos were taken during this time.

Water Vole 3.jpg
Water Vole 2.jpg
This little fellow was reluctant to go.jpg

The first sight of Cookham

Coral and Malcolm find a good spot.jpg

The voles were placed in pens for several days before being finally set free

The Team - 1.jpg

The Water Vole volunteers

The first latrine.jpg

Proof that they were hanging around - a water vole latrine next to one of the release sites

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