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Veteran Trees

WildCookham is undertaking a survey all of the ‘veteran trees’ in the Cookhams.  This will take in a wide range of our mature trees including those that meet the criteria for ‘veteran’ and ‘ancient’ tree as well as those that are notable in some way in the context of our local environment.  


When we realise that, in all of Cookham, only one tree currently appears on the Ancient Tree Inventory database held by the Woodland Trust you’ll understand it’s an essential job: it will be valuable in helping to ensure that our important trees have protection, as well as in assessing the health of local landscape.

Led by Lars Ahlgren, the survey team is tasked with mapping all trees above a given size and ensuring that these details are stored on the national database.  


A multi-year project, the survey welcomes anyone interested in being involved – which could be in identifying the trees, mapping them, or studying their ecology.  Training workshops are planned for those involved.

Wild Cookham veteran trees.png

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