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The Wildlife Gardens Awards


Bumblebees, house sparrows, white admiral butterflies, and early purple orchids are just some of the species declining in our area.  You can help these species and many others by having fun, being ‘on trend’ and turning your garden into a ‘mini’ haven for wildlife. It's easy to get started if you want to make your garden more friendly to wildlife.

Whether you just want to give encouragement to wildlife with our Let’s Get Started! initiative or you’d like to gain one of our Wildlife Gardens Awards, our Wildlife Gardens project is the easiest way to make a difference for wildlife.  And we have plenty of advice and helpful tips along the way

Just choose below where you want to to start.

​Click here to find out how to get involved in our Wildlife Gardens project and some great ideas for turning your garden into a wildlife haven

Join the 100 + Award-winning gardens across Cookham and beyond. Click here to get full details of the awards.

What do local people say about

their Wildlife Gardens?

In this film local gardeners talk about the Wildlife Gardens scheme, how easy it is to get started and the amazing pleasure they get from being involved.

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