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WildCookham invites garden contractors to sign up to a set of guidelines for good wildlife gardening.  See the document (right) to see these guidelines.  Each contractor puts their name to these before we add them to the list.  And each of them works locally in and around Cookham.

We make no claim that this is a comprehensive list of local contractors: they are the ones of whom we are aware and who have signed up.  We would be pleased to hear of other contractors we can invite to join our scheme - and also please let us know if you find that one of the contractors listed does not live up to the commitments they have made.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the contractors listed here do confirm to these criteria WildCookham takes no responsibility for them or their work. 

Wildlife gardening


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Wild to Wonderful

Cathy Cornish



Claire Howell Garden Planting Designs

Mobile: 07788 411130



The Greenfeller Tree Specialist

Mat Wilson

Mobile: 07795 381880


Toby's Gardens

Toby Brown

Mobile: 07827 797340


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