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December 2019: Make a Gift for Nature

Do you like dates?

Don’t forget to get your WildCookham 2020 calendar, £10 at the Stationery Depot in Cookham Rise or via The ideal gift for nature lovers.

A Gift for Nature?

Here’s another gift idea. While we’re busy making and buying Christmas gifts for our friends and families why not think about making a Gift for Nature? After all, Nature needs all the help we can give it just now. Here are a few ideas:

· Be nice to a hedgehog. Install a winter home or make sure you have holes in your fence that allows them to move around. And provide food for them through the winter: encourage insects in your garden or offer a meat-based top-up

· Start a list of every living animal and plant in your garden. You’ll be amazed. Get children involved

· Make a promise that a nectar-giving plant will be in flower in your garden each month next year

· Make a monthly gift to a wildlife charity

· Put a bird nest box on your Christmas list (and put it up promptly in time for early inspection by potential tenants)

· As families gather together, ask your children and grandchildren what they’d like you to do to ensure they can enjoy Nature when they grow up (and how they can help).

Coming next

Saturday 4th January. 10am to noon. Bird nestbox workshop. Make your own nest box.

Friday 31st January Come to our 2020 kick off meeting for the coming year. New initiatives and plans – all needing your involvement! So join us, courtesy of Moor Hall at 7.30pm.

Details of all our events are on, or via where you can become a supporter. And follow us at

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