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Every Little Helps

Every Little Helps – to borrow a phrase from one or more of our supermarket chains. It certainly works with our wildlife. And Cookham folk are bringing the slogan to life in increasing numbers. It’s not just the 100 gardens that are already part of the Wild About Gardens programme. It’s the latest initiative for Cookham Rise, Let’s BEE Friendly, encouraging Rise residents to take advantage of a voucher scheme for plants to attract our bees and other insects. It’s our churches who are looking at how they can improve the biodiversity of our churchyards. It’s Moor Hall and Harwood House asking WildCookham for ideas to do likewise. It’s the Marsh Meadow Management Committee with Copas Farms asking us to manage the pond there and to encourage youngsters to visit and learn from it. It’s the Toad Patrollers helping these disappearing amphibians get to and from their breeding grounds without being run over. And it’s all those people who have been working on the Harris Woodbridge Reserve off Dean Lane and on our National Trust Commons – with the simple aim of making our community one where all life matters.

We can all do something and Spring is the time to be thinking about what YOU can do. About the plants and seed you can put into your garden. About that little water feature you’ve been meaning to create (it does not need to be big to attract lots of wildlife – though don’t put fish in it!) How about helping with some of the survey work WildCookham is undertaking into our local habitats and the life in them? Or give a little time with one of our ‘hands on’ projects? And, of course, get ready to sign up for the 2020 Wild About Gardens Awards – submissions for this open at the end March.

You may be a member of a local group and that’s another way to make a real difference. Every one of our community groups can play its part and WildCookham is happy to advise and help.

There’s information about all of this and more (including our events) at And share your ideas, images and questions, at

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