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Here’s a way you can give Nature a chance

So now we know. The latest Climate Change report states that we’re very likely to hit 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial temperatures in the next couple of decades unless we take urgent action, and 2 degrees thereafter looks increasingly possible, with some truly frightening consequences. Can we prevent this? Who knows? But we can try – and we owe it to future generations to do just that.

We’ll each have our views about how we react. And there are different aspects of the problem – issues around waste, energy, travel, plastics, food.

At WildCookham it’s all about the natural world and what we can do to restore its balance, giving nature a chance to do what it’s supposed to do to make life possible on our little planet. We’ve got a lot happening with plenty of projects we want to push forward. But we need help.

Email to help

Some of it is getting involved in specific projects. Everyone is welcome to step forward and we’ll find a project that interests you – or maybe you have your own ideas so let’s hear them. But we also need more people to drive the activity – who are happy organizing projects or handling admin, communications experts, people who are connected with local community networks, as well as those with specialist wildlife knowledge. If you are a member of a local organization, let’s talk about how it can get involved with its own project. And, if your interest is around other environmental issues, there are local groups tackling these too: we can put you in touch. Just email

You can discuss all of this at our stand at Cookham Dean Village Fete on Saturday 18th September when you also have a chance to talk about the Cookham Neighbourhood Plan which is about to go to its next round of consultation.

Meanwhile our various projects have continued. And we have two to add to the list, thanks to grants from the Royal Borough: a scheme to put nest boxes and cameras in our primary schools, and involve the pupils in gathering data about nesting birds; and an extension to our Wilding the Commons work with the National Trust.

News of our events are at; you can read all about us at and keep in touch with us on Facebook. And remember - if you’d like to get involved just email

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