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Into the Garden, Get Set, Go....!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The WildCookham 2020 Wild About Gardens Awards are officially launched today (29th March). Now in their third year, the Awards have already encouraged 100 plus Cookham gardeners to make their gardens a haven for wildlife - and the scheme is now across a large part of our local Borough.

Our gardens now offer one of the best opportunities for nature to thrive and locally they account for around 10 per cent of all our land. Providing food, water, shelter and a place to breed and raise young has never been more important and, with the limitations on our lives just now, what better way to get out in the security of our own spaces and make a real difference? And, if you have already participated in previous years, you'll be thinking of what extra features you can add and maybe upgrade your Award!

All the details for joining the scheme are here on our website It's really simple using the checklist there and you have till 31 July 2020 to enter. If you need more information contact the WAGA team at

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