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In just two years nearly 100 local gardens have gained a Wild About Gardens Award. But that's just the start.  We need to turn our gardens into havens for wildlife and create the corridors between gardens which our animals need. Find out more here how you can get involved to make an easy and significant contribution to our local biodiversity.

Welcome to the Wild About Gardens Awards area of the WildCookham website.  These Awards help people in our community to value the contribution that wildlife makes to their gardens and to take action to welcome wildlife of all shapes and sizes into their gardens.


With an estimated 24 million gardens in the UK, the way they are managed can make a big difference to wildlife.  Bumblebees, house sparrows, white admirals butterflies and early purple orchids are all declining in our area. If we manage our gardens for wildlife, these species and many more will feel the benefits.

The Wild About Gardens Awards are not a competition:  they are based on self-certification and this just involves filling in a simple checklist.   This checklist lists 24 different garden features that can do a lot to help wildlife. You will already have many of these features in your own garden (for example nectar rich plants for bees) and can easily and cheaply add others (for example a few logs to make an insect sanctuary).

The Awards, which are currently open to private gardens only, are for all ages and we are especially keen to encourage our younger residents to take an interest in wildlife in their gardens.

Please spread the word - tell your neighbours and local friends about the Wild About Gardens Awards and encourage them to enter.

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Read the checklist (opposite) and enter the awards in one of two ways, see below to choose:

All entries for 2019 have now been awarded, please email us to express interest for the 2020 awards or keep an eye on our website or Facebook and Twitter pages!

Wild About Gardens Checklist

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