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Let’s Be Optimistic

Updated: Jan 28, 2020


New Year and a new decade – so let’s be optimistic. For lovers of wildlife here in Cookham there is much that may concern us, but we’re showing that there is plenty we can do in our own backyard to make things better.

Three things prompt the optimism. First, nature is pretty tough: give it a chance and it will thrive. Second, we can see the really positive and successful steps being taken in this country and beyond to give nature that chance. Third, we’ve shown we can do it in Cookham. 2019 proves this: 100 gardens signed up to our Wild Gardens Awards; real progress at our Harris Woodbridge Reserve; the first phase of our Wilding the Commons project with the National Trust completed; big attendances at our regular talks and walks; a great response to our first exhibition at the Cookham Festival and to our WildCookham calendar; work starting on improving our hedgerows, and gathering data about our ponds and trees; and now more than 400 local people engaged in our wildlife conversation. Other communities are following the example as ‘Wild’ groups in Datchet, Ascot, Eton, Hurley and Marlow follow Maidenhead in galvanising their local communities.

The ground is set for 2020 to be a lift off year for everyone interested in Cookham’s natural environment. At our meeting on 31st January at Moor Hall we set out our intention to look right across the Cookham landscape to develop a complete plan for our different habitats as a basis for long-term protection and enhancement. That calls for all sorts of expertise, including enthusiasm. So whatever you have to offer we would like to hear from you. Call 07801 881297 or email and get involved.

Coming next

Sunday 16th February. 10am to noon. The first 2020 outing for our regular working party at the Harris Woodbridge reserve. Join us there.

Details of all our events are on, or via where you can become a supporter. And follow us at

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