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The Current Plans

Last summer (2020) we put forward our strong opposition to the Council's plans to put in extra paths across the East Field at Battlemead.  These paths would have been in addition to the path around the northern perimeter of the site (which creates the missing link in the Millennium Way, an objective for the Ramblers for many years) and a circular walk around the West Field.


This resulted in a meeting of the Friends of Battlemead at the end of last year and a deferral of any moves to open a path, pending further surveys and discussion.  However it seems that now those paths are back in the access proposals and once again we need to put forward our arguments that additional access now risks the potential for biodiversity gains over the next 5 years as the ecological management plan takes effect.

We need your help to put the case once again for protecting the East Field at Battlemead for at least the next 5 years.  You can find out how to help here.

They did listen to various representations about the car park and the originally planned 26 or 30-space car park has now been scaled back to 14 spaces of which a larger proportion are for blue badge holders and a minibus space has been provided for school groups.  Issues still remain around the safety of access from the main road.

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