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How you can help Battlemead

Battlemead has the potential to be a natural jewel in the Royal Borough's crown.  But it needs our help.  Remember that just by being there we humans are putting a little more pressure on the natural world around us.  Here are some of the ways you can play your part.

  1. Respect the site and other people

    • Read the notices at the entrances to Battlemead which tell you where the footpaths are, where is off limits and where dogs are allowed off lead.  Note also that we are not allowed to ride bikes there​.  During the current epidemic, keep a safe distance from others and also be aware that others may be fearful of dogs. 

    • Keep to the paths. Even in those areas where dogs are allowed off lead please keep them under control and as close to the path as possible. This is especially in the nesting season when there may be ground-nesting birds as well as other animals nesting or foraging.

    • Leave nothing behind when you leave. We have found that litter, and especially dog poo, is already a problem there: it's wrong in every way including being dangerous for the wildlife. Do NOT put the poo in a bag and leave it there!  Take it home.

  2. Tell someone if something is wrong - for example, litter, bad behaviour, damage to animals or plants.  You can contact the Borough or drop us a note at

  3. Share your photos and experience at Battlemead on our Facebook page (.../groups/wildcookham).  Tell your local councillors how much you value it.

  4. Submit comments to the Cookham Neighbourhood Plan team to ensure that protecting Battlemead and enhancing its biodiversity potential features in the plan as a necessary part of the local Environment and Climate Strategy

  5. Volunteer to help  There are plenty of practical ways you can help - including with maintenance of the site, surveying the various species found there, helping with educational groups visiting.  Get in touch at


Above all, Enjoy it!

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