Wild About Gardens Awards 

Once you are on the way with your garden wilding, you can also celebrate with one of our Wild About Gardens Awards.  You’ll be joining more than 100 Award winners from previous years as well as growing numbers of successful gardeners across the Royal Borough.

The 2021 Awards open on the 25th March 2021 and run until 31st July.  Winners are announced in the Autumn.  The Award Scheme, with Gold, Silver and Bronze categories, is not a competition – it is based on self-certification and is easy to enter.


First, use our simple Wild About Gardens Checklist to learn which features can most help wildlife in your garden.  Our short YouTube video may also provide inspiration. Your garden may already have one or more of these features – for example nectar and pollen rich plants like Foxgloves and Buddleia to provide food for bees and butterflies. You can add other features simply and easily – for example, a few logs to provide shelter for insects.

When you have added four of the listed wildlife friendly features to your garden (at least one from each of four categories), you’re ready to enter for a Wild About Gardens Award via our online Entry Form, which will take no more than five minutes to complete.  The more features you have in each category the higher the award and not that some features are compulsory for a Gold Award.


That’s all.  It’s as simple as that!

Click here for the online Entry Form