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Some Wild Resolutions

2022 - a new year and a new set of chances to make our world better for us and for the nature around us. So what are your Resolutions? If you haven’t made them yet, try these for size.

1. I’m going to join the Wild About Gardens project in Cookham and, if I’m already in, I shall do what’s needed to get a Gold Award (

2. I’m going to make a focused effort to learn about some aspect of the natural world (through the books I read, via a course or by joining local talks and walks). Check Cookham’s Little Bookshop for a good selection of nature books.

3. I’m going to encourage my children/grandchildren to find out about the natural world – create projects for them in our garden, go on nature walks, sign them up to the RSPB or other wildlife groups

4. Our family is going to have a discussion about our responsibility to the rest of nature (other than humans) and decide on some actions we can take and changes we can make

5. I’m going to get a trail camera, a moth trap or other bit of equipment so I can see our garden wildlife close up

6. I’m going to rethink all that night lighting we put up around our property, recognising that light pollution contributes to wildlife habitat loss

7. I’m going to volunteer for at least one project being run by WildCookham (eg studying a particular species, creating better habitats for wildlife, working with other groups and our councils to address biodiversity loss)

8. I’ll put some sheeting on the ground in my garden to encourage slow worms, grass snakes and other life

9. I’ll sign up to the WildCookham mailing list to get their newsletters and other information (you can do this by just scrolling down the page at

10. I’ll install a nest box or two (and I can check with WildCookham if I have a suitable home for House Martins, Swifts, Swallows, House Sparrows and other ‘at risk’ species).

11. I’ll sign my family up to the free BTO weekly Garden Birdwatch at

12. And a final one: I’ll write to to tell them what I have decided to do.

If you’d like to get more information about any of these resolutions contact

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