"We are all a part of, not apart from, Nature"

WildCookham is a community group focused on discovering, celebrating and supporting biodiversity in Cookham, Berkshire, UK.  We care about our local wildlife, sharing our passion and knowledge in a practical and engaging way.

We are a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation, charity number 1193867.

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Cookham Neighbourhood Plan
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Turn your garden into a wildlife haven with our

Wild About Gardens campaign

If you attend one of our events, want to support one of our projects or would just like to make a contribution to WildCookham you can do it via our JustGiving account.  And, as WildCookham is now a registered charity we can use Gift Aid.

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We are embarking on an initiative to encourage people to study and record their own discoveries.  See here more informarion

Wild Gardens: the movie
See what Cookham people say about their wild garden experience

Our projects

Our Nature Reserve

We are delighted that we have now started work on the Harris Woodbridge Nature Reserve, our very own wild garden! We are now asking for your help.

Check for the next volunteer day and please join us.