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Cookham boasts a large number of ponds, some substantial, some very small and some wetland areas which can dry out in the summer.  Many of our gardens also have ponds of various sizes and character.  WildCookham initiated a survey of the ponds in our public spaces in the summer of 2018.  The initial aim was to identify evidence of frog and toad spawn: further studies are planned to investigate the life in some priority ponds and determine what action, if any, is needed to support them and reduce pollutants or other elements harming insect, amphibian, plant and other life in them.

The ponds and wetlands on Cookham are deemed by the Freshwater Habitats Trust to one of 70 Flagship ponds in the UK and receives special attention and support.  This area is home to several rare plant species.

If you would like to be involved in our pond surveys contact Derek Tyler on 07795 666723 or

41 IMG_3569 The Pond White Place
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