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Are you looking for help to look after your garden?

Whether you are doing it all yourself or have a gardener to help you manage it, there’s plenty of wildlife-friendly advice available.  If you already have a contractor check that they really understand the needs of our wildlife and the simple steps you can take (or avoid).  Or if you are looking for a gardener we are recruiting those who sign up to our guidelines for wildlife-friendly gardening: they’re listed here.

Gardens make up 10% of our village.  If all gardens were to join the existing 100 who already have wildlife friendly features, we can make a huge difference to the future health and our biodiversity in Cookham.

The selection of contractors for our scheme is based on a set of guidelines to which we seek their agreement: you can see the guidelines here.  They may also help you advise your existing contractor or, if you need a new one, you can check here the companies who have signed up to our standards.

If you employ a garden contractor and you think they should be on our list please contact Lynne Peperell at


And if you’re a contractor and want to join the scheme please get in touch with Lynne.

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