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Hedges and Footpaths

Cookham is criss-crossed by footpaths and hedgerows, offering important habitats for wildlife as well as a valuable amenity for humans.  Several of Cookham’s footpaths and hedgerows are old – or very old – as evidenced by archaeological studies.  They are therefore significant for more than their wildlife value. Across the country as a whole, a significant percent of hedges have been removed to support more intensive agricultural use of the land, with a consequent massive impact on the ability of many species to survive.  Many species have now been lost to our countryside either entirely or as native breeding species.

WildCookham is undertaking an on-going survey of our hedges and footpaths to determine their status and identify actions to improve their value as wildlife habitats.  The initial work was undertaken for Cookham Parish Council with a view to providing guidance to local contractors undertaking a year-round maintenance regime.

Coming soon: A map showing the footpaths of Cookham & guidelines for such surveys.


Contact Rob Acker, who leads this project, to obtain more information, or to offer to get involved, via

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