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I’ve been an amateur birder, and lover of the great outdoors, since my teens and have watched with dismay in my later years as our wildlife is depleted and its habitats disappear. I know we need action at a Global level but we cannot escape personal and local responsibility.

Mike Copland

Since a child I have been in love with nature and believed that humans are part of nature, not separate or more important. We are privileged in Cookham's rich diversity. It’s important we see and do our part in both nature conservation and in supporting our natural world to flourish.  Getting close to and learning about the habitats and creatures on our doorstep is the best way to understand and start to care for our precious natural world. 

Cindy Barnes
Wildlife Protection

I've been resident in Cookham village for 36 years, and love the variety of landscape and wildlife we enjoy. By working together WildCookham can protect and enhance the natural world in our area, and I am delighted to be involved

Ann Greenwood

I am a relative newcomer of 38 years residency. Coming from the city, the wildlife around the Cookhams was so diverse and plentiful then, but I have been troubled by how much it has become depleted in recent times. 

Brian Clews
Talks and Walks

I love the outdoors and have been passionate about wildlife since childhood. Originating from Sweden, I made Cookham my family home twenty years ago. My keen interest in birds has allowed me to help with surveys here in our beautiful precious village, as well as notice changes in the local environment. 

Lars Ahlgren

It was the plight of the bumblebees that spurred me into action over 10 years ago.  When I read that they were in serious decline, I stopped using pesticides in my flower garden and fruit bushes.  I became involved with our local wildlife supporters at this time and now champion our “Wild Gardens” scheme.

Lynne Peperell
Events Management

My husband Nick and I have lived here since 1981. In that time we have seen the disappearance of hares, little owls and yellowhammers, which we used to see regularly from our kitchen window. I am determined to do everything I can to stop the decline of so many wildlife species.

Stephanie Papillon
Track Camera

From a very early age I spent a lot of time outdoors and  I am convinced this fostered my love of fresh air, the countryside and the nature that lives in it.  As a grown-up I maintain as much of an interest as working life allows, and I have a huge appreciation of the beautiful village that we live in.  I’ve also a right arm that just won’t stop sticking my hand up to get involved in stuff – 'cos I really believe that somebody has to!

Lou Young

Words to follow

Andrew Padmore
Talks and Walks
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