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The Environment and Climate Crisis: what can I do about it? 

It's now clear that there is a crisis.  The media are full of stories about it and the steps that need to be taken nationally and globally.

But what should we do locally in our own community of Cookham? 


WildCookham has its own focus and we shall continue to work hard at that, engaging with residents in our efforts to make Cookham a sustainable place for our wildlife.  But there are many other aspects of the crisis which can impact on our lives.  So we have created this space to share our ideas and allow us all to say what we think we, our family and our community could do to make a difference. 


Over the coming weeks we'll be adding information and stories about some of the actions that people are already taking as well as background on how local community and individual action can make a difference.  You can also find out how to measure your carbon footprint: here's a link to the World Wildlife Fund for their footprint calculator.  There's one here for measuring your companies footprint.


Click here to have your say and give us your ideas.  If you can say something about how your suggestions could be put into practice so much the better. We are not asking for detailed analyses of the problems.  And feel free to comment on other people’s ideas – but please, let’s make it constructive, and certainly no abuse (we’ll delete that). 


We'll be talking to other local groups with the aim of finding out if there is an appetite for some joint activity/forum where your ideas can be discussed and ways found to make Cookham a community that is taking action to tackle the crisis facing us.  And, depending on the response, we may suggest a public meeting in early 2022 to pool our ideas and energy. 


We're conscious of data privacy so you don’t need to put your name against any of the ideas.  Of course, you can if you wish – and if you would like to discuss how you might help contact us at

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