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Free Lunch, anyone?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. A truism that we are coming to understand as we humans realise the environmental and climate costs of our economic success of the past century or three.

Our planet’s biodiversity is inextricably linked to these challenges. But there’s good news. Once we acknowledge that we are the cause of the problem, it’s easy to realise that we can make changes in our lives that will make a contribution to the efforts being made around the world.

So here are Ten Commitments for us to ponder, especially at this time when so many of us are focusing on our homes and gardens:

1. I won’t cut down trees and hedges without thinking that they’ll be someone’s home

2. I’ll keep hedge trimming for the winter months to protect nesting birds.

3. I’ll plant nectar rich flowers for bees and pollinators.

4. I’ll leave some lawn to grow long for butterflies and insects.

5. I’ll always allow space in my fencing for hedgehogs to pass through

6. I’ll resist the temptation to put in an artificial lawn. It snuffs out all life.

7. For driveways and patios I’ll use permeable blocks, not bricks or concrete

8. If I need a security light I’ll ensure that it’s not on all the time. It’s life-threatening for many creatures who need their rest like we do.

9. I won’t thoughtlessly use pesticides: they destroy my garden’s food chain.

10. Most important, I’ll stop thinking that because it’s OK for us humans then it’s OK.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

And don’t forget to check out for ideas to make your garden a great place for wildlife – and you.

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