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Protect Battlemead

First, a massive thank you to the 884 people who signed our Protect Battlemead petition - a very powerful message to our councillors. But it appears it was not strong enough to get a change of policy. The council indicated at a meeting on 3rd August that it is intent on putting a path through the East Field at Battlemead. If so, we will be pushing for the appropriate protection for wildlife from the inevitable disturbance. But we'll also be looking forward to focus on allowing the site to be the best it can be for biodiversity, with the resulting greatest benefit to the local population. Watch this space.

For those not up to date with the plans for Battlemead the path will go straight through the unique wetlands habitat in the East Field. You can also watch this video.  Email us at or for more background.

battlemead map2.jpg

See what it's all about

Watch this video showing why Battlemead is so important.

Map showing site boundary, East Field boundary, wetlands area and proposed path

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