Protect Battlemead

Battlemead wildlife is under threat again

We need your help by 27 July. There is a threat to the protected wildlife area at Battlemead. Battlemead is the site owned by the Council, between the Lower Cookham Road and the Thames.


At a meeting on 3 August, a decision may be taken to open access across the wetland of the East Field at Battlemead, which is currently closed. You can see the approximate route of the path below. It would go straight through the unique wetlands habitat in the East Field. You can also watch this video.

See the amazing wetlands in this video

battlemead map2.jpg

Map showing site boundary, East Field boundary, wetlands area and proposed path

Please help us


1. Sign our petition


Sign our petition to the Council now: CLICK HERE TO SIGN


2. Email your councillors


Email your councillors to say that you want to keep the closed area at Battlemead closed here's some suggested words for you to use if you want to:



Dear [Councillor’s name].


I am writing to express my concern with a proposal being put forward on 3 August 2021 to open a path through the special wetland habitat area at Battlemead.


I do not support this proposal. At this stage, I want the closed wildlife area at Battlemead to stay closed all year round to continue to protect the habitat and the wildlife which uses it from people and dogs. I want to give nature a chance to re-establish before public access is increased. It may take 5-10 years of ecological management.


The Council have declared an environment emergency and aim to protect and enhance the natural environment. Protecting the natural environment at Battlemead is a clear way of honouring and fulfilling that declaration. If not at Battlemead, then where?


In your role as my councillor representing my interests, please do not support the opening of a path across the Battlemead wetlands.


Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

[full name]

[full address including postcode]

[telephone number – optional]


It’s their job to listen to you and your concerns about Battlemead.  

How to email your councillors

  • Find your councillors’ names: put your postcode in here

  • Find their email addresses below

  • Send the email below (ideally edited to include your own words) to your councillors by Tuesday 27 July


There are two ways you can get in touch with your local councillors using the ‘Write to Them’ website – ​you just enter your postcode and hit the ‘write to all my councillors’ button – it them gives you a form to fill in and send off with your message, or


If you already know which ward you live in you can easily use the list below to find the email addresses for your councillor or find your ward by entering your postcode  find your councillor here

ASCOT & SUNNINGHILL Councillor David Hilton :

ASCOT & SUNNINGHILL Councillor John Story:

ASCOT & SUNNINGHILL Councillor Julian Sharpe:

BELMONT  Councillor Simon Bond

BELMONT Councillor John Baldwin  Work:

BISHAM AND COOKHAM Councillor Gerry Clark

BISHAM AND COOKHAM Councillor Mandy Brar :

BOYN HILL Councillor Gurpreet Bhangra

BOYN HILL Councillor Stuart Carroll

BRAY Councillor David Coppinger

BRAY Councillor Leo Walters:

CLEWER & DEDWORTH EAST Councillor Helen Price:

CLEWER AND DEDWORTH EAST Councillor Carole Da Costa


CLEWER AND DEDWORTH WEST Councillor Wisdom Da Costa

CLEWER EAST Councillor Amy Tisi  :

CLEWER EAST Councillor Karen Davies

COX GREEN Councillor Phil Haseler

COX GREEN Councillor Ross McWilliams :




ETON AND CASTLE Councillor John Bowden

ETON AND CASTLE Councillor Samantha Rayner:

ETON AND CASTLE Councillor Shamsul Shelim:

FURZE PLATT Councillor Catherine del Campo

FURZE PLATT Councillor Joshua Reynolds:

HURLEY & WALTHAMS Councillor Andrew Johnson  :

HURLEY & WALTHAMS Councillor Maureen Hunt :

OLD WINDSOR Councillor Lynne Jones

OLD WINDSOR Councillor Neil Knowles  :

OLDFIELD Councillor Geoffrey Hill

OLDFIELD Councillor Helen Taylor:

PINKNEYS GREEN Councillor Clive Baskerville :

PINKNEYS GREEN Councillor Simon Werner

RIVERSIDE Councillor Chris Targowski :

RIVERSIDE Councillor Greg Jones:

ST MARY’S Councillor Donna Stimson:

ST MARY’S Councillor Gurch Singh :

SUNNINGDALE & CHEAPSIDE Councillor Christine Bateson

SUNNINGDALE & CHEAPSIDE Councillor Sayonara Luxton:

You might want to copy in or write separately to:

Andrew Johnson – Leader of the council at cllr.johnson@​


Donna Stimson – Lead member for the Environment at

If you copy in we can track how many people have sent messages.

See what it's all about

Watch these two stunning videos with great images showing why Battlemead is so important - this one encourages you to sign our petition, this one shows some of the special wildlife there and asks you to write to your local councillor.